We’re Getting Married

Sunday, 5th October 2014

Adrena Gharibjanians

Adrena Gharibjanians - Maid of Honor

Adrena and I met after she signed up to be a subject in my Masters Thesis. We bonded immediately during her first session with me and she became no longer a subject but a best friend for life! We both felt like we had known each other forever and became like sisters in no time. […]

Sara Pfeffer

Sara Pfeffer - Bridesmaid

Sara and I met on a plane flying from San Francisco to Santa Barbara and bonded over Chemistry 101. While talking we realized we only lived 3 doors down from each other in the same dormitory at UC Santa Barbara! The dorms were filled with Britney dance parties, cookie dough slumber parties, and movie making […]

Saaz Grover

Saaz Grover - Bridesmaid

Saaz and I met through Sara, our junior year of undergrad at UC Santa Barbara. We bonded over a, let’s just say, “fun” not “horrifically dramatic” night celebrating Sara’s 21st birthday at Zodo’s, the Bowling Alley/Club. Saaz, Sara and I all lived together in a house senior year and it was truly one of the […]

Kayleigh Wallace

Kayleigh Wallace - Bridesmaid

I met Kayleigh when Geoff and she were just newly dating. On one of our first trips up to Truckee together, Kayleigh and I both decided to skip the snow to catch up on work at a coffee shop. Instead of doing work, we were both compelled to open up and share our deepest life […]

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